I can't log in. What should I do?

2021-04-06 06:31:31 UTC 2024-05-01 01:34:00 UTC

For security reasons our support team cannot access your login information. 

Please check the following.

If you do not know how to log in

 ▼Log in to a group (Web Browser)

 ▼Log in / Log out (Mobile App)

Confirm that there are no errors in the information you entered

Correct capitalization

If you are using PC, make sure CAPS LOCK is off, and then type your password again.
If you are using a mobile device, make sure that uppercase and lowercase letters are not automatically replaced by your device.

No unnecessary blank spaces

If you copy and paste your login information, make sure that there are no unnecessary spaces before or after it.

Confirm that there are no active access restrictions or your account has not been temporarily locked

After 5 unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked for 10 minutes. Please wait for 10 minutes and try again.

Also, Teachme Biz has a function to restrict access using an IP address or app's unique identifier.
If a message appears indicating that you are not allowed to connect, contact your group administrator to check about access restrictions.

If you cannot log in to the Windows Desktop app

Please check the following article.

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If the problem still persists

Try to retrieve your login information and reset the password.

Confirm your login information

Your login information was sent to your registered email address when you were invited to the group.
Please check your login information and try to log in.

 Mail title: "[Teachme Biz] Welcome to Teachme Biz!"

If you couldn't locate the invitation mail and find your group ID, please refer to the following manuals to recover it.

 ▼Retrieve lost group ID (Web Browser)

 ▼Retrieve lost group ID (Mobile App)

Reset your password

Please refer to the following manuals to reset your password.
*If you share account with other people, be sure to share new password with them.

 ▼Reset password (Web Browser)

 ▼Reset password (Mobile App)