What happens if I add a comment to a manual or step?

2021-04-06 06:33:28 UTC 2024-07-02 07:44:23 UTC

Once you post a comment, it will appear in the manual, and anyone involved will be notified by email or app.

Viewing comments

If manual has comments, it will be indicated on top of the manual or in the step.
In the mobile app, you can check the number of comments on the manual list screen.
Note that whether virwers can post or view comments depends on the folder settings.

Email notification

The owner of the manual will be notified by email about posted comment.

Mobile app notification

The owner of the manual will be notified about posted comment via "Updates" function of the mobile app.
You will also be notified if anyone comments on a manual that you have commented on in the past.


  • Comments are not displayed on the manual editing screen of Windows Desktop app.
  • If you comment on a manual you own, you won't receive email notifications or notifications via "Updates" function of the mobile app.
  • Notifications are not sent to users who have not registered their email addresses or who have turned off notifications.
  • Comments are not included when the manual list is exported. However, the number of comments will be displayed.

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