How does Teachme Biz count public views?

2021-04-06 06:33:07 UTC 2024-04-04 03:54:41 UTC
Views of users who are not logged in to the group or who do not have Teachme Biz account are counted as public views.
The session state (period of time) is not related to how the number of views is counted.
Each time the page is loaded, it is counted as 1 view.
For example, if the same person reloads a manual 5 times in a row, the number of views will be 5.
*When the following conditions are met, it will not be counted as public views.
  • When you are logged into the group where the manual is released and you view the manual from there.
  • When you fail to view the manual
    • When accessing the manual via a URL that is not allowed (Referrer URL is set)
    • When entering a wrong password to access the manual (Password is set to the public folder)