[For Windows Desktop App users] Please try Video Editing function of the Web app!

2022-05-30 07:51:18 UTC 2024-05-30 05:14:01 UTC

Thank you for using Teachme Biz.

Starting January 2022, you can also edit videos on the Teachme Biz web app.

  • No need to install a dedicated application.
  • Subtitles can be displayed while videos are playing *New function only in the Web app.
  • Unnecessary scenes in the middle of videos can be removed *New function only in the Web app.

We will continue to improve the video editing functions of the Web App in the future.
If you are not yet a user, please take this opportunity to try out he video editing functions of the Web App!

Subtitles Remove section
subtitle-en.gif mceclip2.png

Target Subscription Plan

  • Available on all plans.

Target device & App

The availability of video editing functions for each App is as follows:


Usage Apps

Web App

Editor Plugin
(Only for IE11)

Desktop App
Trim Remove scenes before and after the video that you do not need.
*Available on
"Remove section" function.


Remove scenes in the middle of the video that you do not need.
Subtitle Display text while playing a video.
Marking Displays text and shapes while pausing the video.
Remove sound Remove audio from video.

How to open the video editing screen of the Web App

(1) Access the following link to log in to the Web App.
Login: Teachme Biz Web App
*You can log in with your Group ID, account, and password used in the Windows desktop app.

(2) Access a Editing screen.
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(3) From a Editing screen, you can edit the video with a single click.


Remove section *New function only in the Web app

You can remove a section of a video registered in Teachme Biz.
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Usage 1

You can remove unnecessary scenes at the start or end of video recording to make a video with only the necessary information.


Usage 2

You can remove scenes that were failed during video recording, avoiding the trouble of reshooting.


Subtitle *New function only in the Web app


You can add subtitles to display text while the video is playing.
It's useful for watching video in places that should be quiet, or for giving additional information as the video plays.

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You can display shapes and text by pausing any one scene in the video.
It is useful for conveying notes and preconditions that must be seen when teaching a procedure by video.

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Remove sounds


Audio can be removed from videos where audio is not needed.
If audio is not required but additional supplemental information is needed, the subtitle function can be used in combination to enhance the viewer's understanding.

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Please take this opportunity to try out he video editing functions of the Web App.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us from here