About user and team provisioning

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Provisioning function allows you to synchronize your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account and Teachme Biz group information.

By eliminating the need to update user info twice, you can significantly reduce the management load.
Also, deleting user accounts in Azure AD helps to prevent the omission of account deletions when an employee leaves the company and ensures greater security.

Function Overview

Usability Requirements

  • You have a single sign-on configured with Azure AD in Teachme Biz
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  • The email address of the employee registered in Azure AD matches the email address of the Teachme Biz account  
     *There is no need for all Teachme Biz account email addresses to be registered on Azure AD

What can be done with user provisioning

  • You can add, edit, and delete new Teachme Biz accounts by creating and deleting accounts in Azure AD.

What can be done with team provisioning

  • You can add and delete Teachme Biz user teams by creating and deleting "groups" in Azure AD.
  • You can add and delete accounts from Teachme Biz user teams by updating accounts in "groups" in Azure AD.

Provisioning function available with the following plan


Please refer to the following manual on how to check the plan you are subscribed to.
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If you are subscribed to a plan other than Enterprise, you have to subscribe to the additional paid option "SSO&Provisioning Plus".

Please contact customer support to request a quote for upgrading your plan or adding the "SSO&Provisioning Plus" option.

*You must be subscribed to Azure Active Directory Premium plan.
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Configuration method

Permissions required

Configuration method

Please refer to the following manuals.

▼Configure user provisioning with Azure AD (Web Browser)

▼Configure team provisioning with Azure AD (Web Browser)

▼Change settings for sending email invitations to users added through provisioning (Web Browser)


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