What should I do if the "Failed to upload video" error was displayed?

2021-08-17 10:40:49 UTC 2024-07-02 07:39:12 UTC

The "Failed to upload video" error is displayed in the step (or cover) on the editing screen if video upload fails.


*"Delete Video" or "Swap Video" are the only operations that can be performed for a video that failed to be uploaded. You cannot rotate video, replace thumbnails, or edit it. 

*If you release (or update) the manual after video upload has failed, the video cannot be played back.

Please check for the possible solution to get around the issue:

In case issue occurs immediately after a video was uploaded

Try to delete and re-upload the video, or replace it with another video. 

▼Replace manual image or video (Web Browser)

In case issue occurs after a video was edited

Try to delete and re-upload the video, and then add captions, symbols, or frames using an app other than the Web Browser version of Teachme Biz.

In case you have a PC

・Launch Windows Desktop App and edit the video

 ▼Edit video (Windows Desktop Application)

In case you have a mobile device

・Edit video using mobile app

 ▼Edit video (iOS version)

 ▼Edit video (Android version)