I received an error when registering a Translation dictionary. What should I do?

2023-08-24 05:55:18 UTC 2023-12-07 03:42:29 UTC


Edit the CSV file according to the error message displayed on the screen, and start over from "Select File".

Error Messages How to do
Please enter a words with 50 or less characters. Words in the Translation dictionary can be up to 50 characters long.
Please use shorter words.
Please enter words in at least two languages. Translation dictionary is a function that allows you to register a set of words in multiple languages to produce the intended translation when translating.
Please enter at least two words in each line, one for the source language and one for the target language.
Contains a character string that cannot be entered. The file contains characters that cannot be registered, such as machine-dependent characters and pictograms.
Please delete these special characters and symbols.
Contains a line feed code. Please remove the line feed code. Newline codes/line break codes cannot be registered.
Since they may not be visible in Excel or other software, please delete the entire contents of the line once and retype it manually without copying and pasting.
The CSV file format is incorrect. Please export the dictionary information again, edit only the target parts, and import the file. After exporting the dictionary file from Teachme Biz, the headers have been deleted or the order of the columns has been rearranged.
Please re-export the dictionary file and edit only the second and subsequent lines.
The character encoding of the CSV file is not UTF-8. Please export the dictionary information again, edit and save the file without changing the character encoding, and import the file. After exporting a dictionary file from Teachme Biz, the character encoding of the file was changed.
Please export the dictionary file again, edit it, and save it without changing the character encoding.