Added "Portal Pages" function! You can now create a page with manuals and Outside Links!| Released on 2023/09/12

2023-08-15 07:35:12 UTC 2024-04-16 08:00:28 UTC

Thank you for using Teachme Biz.
We have released a "Portal Pages" function.



  • Easily create and update pages with manuals and Outside Links.
  • Makes it easier for viewers to find the manual.
  • You can also manage links other than Teachme Biz manuals in one place.

Release date

Released on 2023/09/12

Target Subscription Plan

Basic, Enterprise

You can create up to 50 pages, which is the maximum function limit.

Starter, Teachme Biz Service fee

You can create up to 5 pages.
*This restriction is removed when you subscribe to the "Portal Page+" paid option.

Target App

Web browser: Create, Edit, Delete, Browse
Mobile App(iOS/Android): Browse Only *Version 5.7.0 or higher


What is the "Portal Pages"?

This function allows you to create and view a single page with any manuals and Outside Links.

What you can do


Create a starting point for manual browsing by viewer attribute.

Tell the viewer to focus on as few pages as possible and "look at this page".
Viewers can visually browse through the manuals on a page and find the one they need.

  • Too many folders and manuals to find.
  • Not good at searching.

It should lower the barrier to browsing for them.

Use "folders" for manual management and "Portal Pages" for browsing.

Information other than Teachme Biz can also be managed together.

"Portal Pages" can contain URLs to other sites as well as manuals.

The following URLs, used in the field as well as in manuals, can also be registered to consolidate information necessary for business operations.

  • Documents in the Cloud
  • Web Services
  • Website


Create page (group administrator and sub-administrator)

Create and edit Portal Pages (Web Browser)

Browse pages (all users)

Browse Potal Pages (Web Browser)

Browse Potal Pages (Mobile App)


Can I restrict page access to only certain users?

You can't.
However, you must have manual view privileges to see the manuals that have been added to the page.

Can I have the same manual on multiple pages?

You can.

Is it possible to output a QR code of Potal Pages?

Currently, you can't.
In the future, we plan to add a QR code output function to Portal Pages so that they can be read by mobile devices.

*As of October 4, 2023, it is now possible to output a PDF list of QR codes for content within the portal page.

Can I make the page for public?

You can't.
The page is for group sharing only.
No plans have yet been made for the development of a publicly shared function.

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