How do I do a registration or update of the translation dictionary?

2023-04-25 01:44:37 UTC 2023-12-07 03:42:29 UTC

Who can use it?

Register and update

Group administrator, sub-administrator

View registered contents

All users

How to Registration and update

  1. Open "Translation Dictionary" under "Translation" in the group settings screen
  2. Click "Export" to download the current dictionary information
  3. Edit downloaded files on your PC
  4. "Import" edited files to overwrite dictionary contents

Detailed procedure with images: Register and edit translation dictionary (Web Browser)

Precautions when editing dictionary files

  • You can register up to 1,000 words in total, with 50 characters per word.
  • Do not edit the first line.
  • Overwrites all dictionary contents with the imported file.
    Enter the words you want to register in the file, including words that have already been registered.
    Delete the words you want to remove from the file.
    Leave blank the fields for languages ​​that do not require registration.

If you get an error

Please check the article below.

I received an error when registering a Translation dictionary. What should I do?