Redesign of manual-viewing screen on mobile apps |Released on October 17,2022

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Thank you for using Teachme Biz.

This was the third phase of the mobile app renewal, following the "Newly established home screen" in June 2021 and the "Redesign of slideshow screen" in March 2022, and focusd on the manual viewing screen in Octorber 2022.

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  • The design of the manual viewing screen has been significantly changed, making it easier to see images, descriptions, links, and other information for each step.
  • New functions has been added, such as a "Contents" function.
  • The app will be renewed automatically with the usual update.

Release Date

Released on October 17,2022

Target App

Target Plan

All plans


Background and Aims of the Redesign

We know that the traditional Teachme Biz mobile app has the following problems.

  • The design makes it difficult for people with difficulty in operating the app to understand how to operate it, and they cannot get information from the manual.
  • There are many steps to go through before viewing the specifics of the procedure, such as images and descriptions in the manual.
  • There are many differences in appearance and behavior from the webapp, which causes confusion.

Through the redesign of the manual viewing screen, these issues has been resolved and procedures will be communicated more easily than ever before.

Main changes

1. Open the manual to immediately see the information.

When you open the manual, you will see the images and titles of the cover page and steps, as well as all the descriptions.

You will be able to check information on all steps in the manual by scrolling vertically only.

[Screen image during development] 

Before After
IMG_0827.png EN______.gif

Although the images will be displayed in a larger size than in the previous manual viewing screen, if you want to view the images in more detail and at a larger size, you can still view each step in the slide show  as in the previous versions.

[Screen image during development] 


2, “Contents” has been added to make it easier to understand the entire flow and to reach the target step.

By tapping the “Contents” you can get a list of steps in the manual.
You can quickly grasp the entire manual or get to a specific step in the manual.

[Screen image during development] 


3. The text size of manual descriptions can be changed.

In addition to slideshows and other screens supported by the previous version, the text size of titles and descriptions on the manual viewing screen can also be changed.

Depending on the device's font size setting, the manual can be viewed in a font size that is easy for each user to read.
*Font size cannot be changed for each screen.

[Screen image during development]


Other Changes

New functions and redesign functions

  • A function that allows users to browse related manuals by using "search tags".
    Users can check a list of manuals with the same search tag.
  • One-tap sharing of manuals.
    Users can easily share manuals via e-mail or other applications, like SNS,  installed on their devices.
  • Automatic hyperlinking of URLs in descriptions.
    This makes it easy to access the link from the manual viewing screen.
  • Changed the display conditions for the "Done" button in the Task function and the "Complete" button in the Training function.
    The "Done" or "Complete" button can be pressed only after the last step in the manual has been reviewed.
  • Change lead lines for bookmark, “good job”, and comment functions.
  • Other minor design changes.

Functions to be temporarily removed

In Version 5.0.0, the following function will be temporarily removed and a new design will be provided in the next update.

  • Function to list users who did a “good job”.

Functions has been removed

In consideration of the usage of each function, the following functions has been removed from the mobile app.
*These functions  will continue to be available from the Web browser version.

  • List of manuals owned by the owner of the manual.
  • Function to get a URL specifying a slideshow.
    With the release of the one-tap manual sharing functions, the function to get URLs in the form of "" will be removed.
  • Function to get embedded tags.

System Requirements

There is no change in system requirements due to the redesign.
The app can be used in the same environment as before.

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How to get the redesigned app version?

It will be provided with the update of the existing Teachme Biz app.

The renewed app version is released, you just need to update your app as usual.

The updated version has been released as version 5.0.0 for both iOS and Android.

Anything to prepare in advance?

If you have any of the following concerns, please consider taking the necessary measures in advance.

[Example of concerns]

  • A differences in the look and operation of the apps on different devices increase the difficulty of using Teachme Biz and their follow-up.
  • A discrepancy between your own in-house operation manuals and the actual application screen.

[Example of measures that can be taken]

  • Turn off the automatic updates for the app on each device beforehand
  • Share the redesign details internally in advance
  • Let administrators update their app first and check changes
  • Arrange so that all devices were updated at the same time





I am currently using the Teachme Biz app. Do I need to install a new app to use the renewed version?

You don't need to install a new app. You just need to update the application you are currently using.


When the redesigned version is released, will the application be updated automatically?

Teachme Biz won't force you to update your app. Please update yourself as usual.

*If you have set the Teachme Biz app to update automatically in your device settings, the app will be automatically updated.


Will the old version of Teachme Biz app be unavailable once the updated version is released?

Previous versions of the Teachme Biz app are still available. However, to reflect functional improvements and bug fixes, you need to update the app.


If you have any requests, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us from here.

Update History

2022/10/17 Entirely updated with the release of the app.