Redesign of slideshow screen on mobile apps | Released on March 14, 2022

2022-01-27 05:40:46 UTC 2022-03-14 08:39:43 UTC

Thank you for using Teachme Biz.

With the long-term project aiming to improve user experience, we continue to gradually renew the mobile app by the summer of 2022.
Following the new "Home" screen release in June 2021, we are happy to announce a new slideshow screen design.



  • Slideshow screen is now easier for users to view and operate.
  • In response to recent usage trends and other factors such as maintenance load, some functions of the slideshow mode were removed.
  • No particular action is needed on the user side. The new design will be applied when you update your app as usual.

Release Date

March 14, 2022

Target App

  •  iOS mobile app (version 4.6.0)
  •  Android mobile app (version 4.6.0)

Target Subscription Plan

All subscription plans


New design concept

Now you are able able to quickly execute a lot of things you may want to do when viewing manuals, such as zooming the image, viewing step explanation, and closing slide show screen.

Main changes

  • Changed image size
  • Improved usability when enlarging images
  • Changed the screen layout when the device is positioned horizontally
  • Redesigned link function (*)
  • Redesigned comment function (*)

*This change does not apply to the layout design when the link/comment function is opened from other than the slide show screen.

New screen details

Image size

  • After the redesign, the initial size of the image has increased. The image is displayed on the entire screen without performing a zoom operation.
  • Even if you tap the screen to hide the explanation after zooming the image, the image remains zoomed.
  • In addition to tapping "x", you can close the slide show display by swiping down on the screen.

Screen layout when the device is positioned horizontally

  • When the device is placed horizontally, the title and description of the step will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Place your device horizontally if you want to see the image details and step explanations simultaneously.

Link function design

  • The screen design now resemble the standard OS screen design.

Comment function design

  • The screen and usability now resemble the standard OS messenger application.

Functions of the slideshow mode that were removed

  • Gesture flick function
  • Auto-play presentation function
  • Viewing location info by latitude and longitude created using the old function (*)
  • Playing audio data created using the old function

*You can still view location info registered by place name or address.

Release impact

System Requirements

There are no changes to system requirements with this release.
You can continue using the same environment as before.
Related: Teachme Biz - System Requirements

Way to get a new design app version

The new design app version is available with the update of the existing Teachme Biz app starting with version 4.6.0.
You just need to update your app as usual.

Anything to prepare in advance?

If you have any of the following concerns, please consider taking the necessary measures in advance.

[Example of concerns]

  • As the appearance and operation methods of each app are different depending on the device used, it will be hard for users to follow changes and use app
  • Operation manuals conflict with the new app screen (*)

[Example of measures that can be taken]

  • Turn off the automatic updates for the app on each device beforehand
  • Share renewal details internally in advance
  • Let administrators update their app first and check changes
  • Arrange so that all devices were updated at the same time 



  Question Answer
1 I am currently using the Teachme Biz app. Do I need to install a new app to use the renewed version? You don't need to install a new app. Simply update the application you are currently using.
2 Can I revert back to the previous version after updating? You can't revert back to the previous version after updating.
3 When the renewal version is released, will the application be updated automatically?

Teachme Biz won't force you to update your app. Please update yourself as usual.

*If you have set the Teachme Biz app to update automatically in your device settings, the app will be automatically updated.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us from here.