Mobile app to undergo a makeover | Released on June 21, 2021

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Thank you for using Teachme Biz.

With the long-term project aiming to improve user experience, we plan to gradually renew the mobile app by the summer of 2022.

First of all, we would like to inform you about the initial stage release details, scheduled for release on June 21, 2021.



  • Newly established home screen
  • Text size changes according to device settings
  • After release, the app will be renewed automatically with the usual update

Scheduled Release Date

June 21, 2021

Target App

・iPhone/iPad shared app
・Android app

Target Subscription Plan

All subscription plans


Renewal Concept

「Make user's job-related content quickly accessible」
「Reduce usability obstacles primary users may experience」

Initial Stage Release Details

  • New "Home" screen for frequently used items
  • Text size changes according to device settings
  • Design change to folders, manuals lists, etc.
  • Route change to "Task", "My course", "Bookmark", "Updates", "Scan QR code", various settings, etc.


[Screen image during development] *When text size is set to maximum

Users Feedback

Here are some of the comments we received from users who participated in the app testing.

「The app screen is more simple and easier to understand than it used to be」
「Usage frequency increased」
「Separate list of recently viewed and newly created manuals and folders makes content easy to find」

In particular, it has been well received by existing users of Teachme Biz.

System Requirements

There is no change in system requirements due to renewal.
The app can be used in the same environment as before.
Related: Teachme Biz - System Requirements

How to get the renewed app version?

It will be provided with the update of the existing Teachme Biz app.
Once the renewed app version is released, you just need to update your app as usual.
The updated version will be released as version 4.0.0 for both iOS and Android.

Anything to prepare in advance?

If you have any of the following concerns, please consider taking the necessary measures in advance.

[Example of concerns]
・As the appearance and operation methods of each app are different depending on the device used, it will be hard for users to follow changes and use app
・Operation manuals conflict with the new app screen

[Example of measures that can be taken]
・Turn off the automatic updates for the app on each device beforehand
・Share renewal details internally in advance
・Let administrators update their app first and check changes
・Arrange so that all devices were updated at the same time 


  Question Answer
1 I am currently using the Teachme Biz app. Do I need to install a new app to use the renewed version? You don't need to install a new app. You just need to update the application you are currently using.
2 When the renewal version is released, will the application be updated automatically? Teachme Biz won't force you to update your app. Please update yourself as usual.
*If you have set the Teachme Biz app to update automatically in your device settings, the app will be automatically updated.
3 Will the old version of Teachme Biz app be unavailable once the updated version is released? Previous versions of the Teachme Biz app are still available. However, to reflect functional improvements and bug fixes, you need to update the app.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us from here.

Update History

2021/06/02 Updated release date.

2021/06/21 Updated to "Released".