Automate user provisioning process! Synchronize account info with Azure AD!|Released on March 3, 2022

2022-02-17 12:48:21 UTC 2022-03-03 07:15:55 UTC



  • You can now sync your Azure AD managed account info with Teachme Biz
  • You must have the same email address in both Azure AD and Teachme Biz
  • You can reduce the hassle of adding or deleting accounts on Teachme Biz every time someone joins or leaves the company

Release Date

March 3, 2022

Target App

Web Browser

Target Subscription Plan


*If you are subscribed to a plan other than Enterprise, you have to subscribe to the additional paid option "SSO&Provisioning Plus".

Please refer to the following manual on how to check the plan you are subscribed to.
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Due to the spread of the COVID-19, the trend toward remote working has increased, leading to a rise in the number of companies implementing cloud services.
Using multiple cloud services complicates account management and increases the burden on administrators.

In order to reduce the time and effort required to add, update, and delete a large number of accounts as employees join or leave the company, we have developed "User Provisioning", a function that automates account management by linking Teachme Biz with a system that can serve as a management database.

We have successfully integrated Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), which received the most user requests based on user surveys conducted prior to development.

Managing employee email addresses and identity information within Azure AD can automatically update account info in Teachme Biz.

Usability Requirements

  • You are managing employee information using Azure AD
  • You have a single sign-on configured with Azure AD in Teachme Biz
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  • The email address of the employee registered in Azure AD matches the email address of the Teachme Biz account
    *There is no need for all Teachme Biz account email addresses to be registered on Azure AD

What can you achieve with the new function?

What kind of processes can be automated?

  • Add, edit, or delete accounts
    You can add, edit, and delete new Teachme Biz accounts by creating and deleting accounts in Azure AD.
  • Add or delete new user team
    You can add and delete Teachme Biz user teams by creating and deleting "groups" in Azure AD.
  • Update user team
    You can add and delete accounts from Teachme Biz user teams by updating accounts in "groups" in Azure AD.

*Team: Function that allows you to manage multiple Teachme Biz accounts simultaneously.


  • Teachme Biz accounts created by user provisioning will have "guest(viewer)" group permission. Accounts created by user provisioning will be added to Teachme Biz as "guests" with viewing permissions only.
    If you want to change the account type to a "member" with editing permissions or an administrator, please change user account type manually later within Teachme Biz.
  • Even if you edit account info in Teachme Biz, the account info in Azure AD will not be updated.
  • Azure AD sub-groups can't be reflected in Teachme Biz "teams".

Benefits of using user provisioning

Lower management costs

You can automatically add, edit, and delete Teachme Biz accounts by adding, updating, or deleting accounts in Azure AD.
This eliminates the need to update user info twice and significantly reduces the management load.

Lower risk of information leakage

By deleting a user account in Azure AD, you will automatically delete the user account in Teachme Biz.
This helps to prevent the omission of account deletions when an employee leaves the company and ensures greater security.

Easier "team" management

By managing Azure AD groups, you can add and remove accounts in Teachme Biz teams.
Keeping your “team” up to date makes it easier to manage folder permissions, manual co-editing permissions, track task distribution and training courses progress status.

Configuration method

Permissions required

・Azure AD: You must have either the Application Administrator, Application Developer, or Cloud Application Administrator role.
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・Teachme Biz: You have to be a group administrator or a sub-administrator.

Configuration method

・Configuration of user provisioning

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・Synchronization of Azure AD "groups" with Teachme Biz "teams"

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 *You must be subscribed to Azure Active Directory Premium plan.

Inquiries and quote requests

Please contact customer support to request a quote if you consider upgrading your plan or adding the "SSO&Provisioning Plus" option.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us from here.