2022/02/07 ver.4.5.3 Performance of the video editing function has been improved for certain models, etc.

2022-02-07 10:54:22 UTC 2022-02-18 02:42:32 UTC

A phased release of Version 4.5.3 has been completed.
Even if updates are not yet available in the Google Play store as of 07/Feb/2022, they will be available in the next few days to two weeks.
In the meantime we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 


Performance of the video editing function has been improved for certain models.

We improved the stability of the video editing function in certain models.

*Even though the OS of Android devices is the same, detailed specifications of each device are different depending on the manufacturer and model, therefore, we cannot guarantee operation on all devices.
Please verify in advance that Teachme Biz works on your Android device.


Fixed an issue that could prevent video editing from being finalized after you tap "DONE".

We fixed an issue where the error message "Processing failed." continue to be displayed after you tap "DONE." to finalize edited video.

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Fixed an issue that prevented edits from being accurately reflected if you trimmed video after adding markings.

We fixed an issue that could cause the duration of the "frozen" scene to change or the added markings to not be reflected correctly if you trimmed the video after adding the markings.

Fixed an issue that caused some devices to crash when using "Extract from video".

We fixed an issue that could cause the app to crash if a video file was selected from "Download" folder when using "Extract from video" function.


Android 6 is no longer supported.

With this release, the supported OS is now Android 7 or higher.
Devices running on Android 6 or below will not be able to install or update Teachme Biz app to the latest version.

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