New release of the "Translation Dictionary" function! You can now specify how to translate during auto translation!| Released on 2023/09/04

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A "translation dictionary" function has been released. This allows users to specify how words should be translated in the auto-translation function.



  • You can register up to 1,000 words with 50 characters per word.
  • Register only the words you want to use to specify how to translate in CSV.

Release date

Released on 2023/09/04

Target Clients

All customers who can use the auto-translation function
*Auto-translation function is available for all plans with the paid option "Auto-Translation+".

Target App

Register and update translation dictionary

  • Web Browser


  • Web Browser
  • Mobile App(iOS/Android Version 5.3.0 and higher)


Plans for future feature additions

Register a Translation dictionary if you want to control the results of translations of proper nouns such as product names or Industry Terminology.

Example of Product Name

唐揚げ → Karaage
The direct translation of this Japanese word would be “Fried Chicken”, which the meaning is quite wide and may not convey exactly for this typical type of “Karaage Fried Chicken”.

Example of Industry Terminology

マネキン販売 → Sales Demonstration
The direct translation of this Japanese word would be “Mannequin sale”, which does not properly describe the action of selling while explaining the product.

Example of Words with multiple meanings

Bat = animal, sport equipment used in baseball
Second = a measurement of time, a placement of something after the first


Register and edit translation dictionary (Web Browser)

An image of the screen


Quotation request

Please contact customer support to request a Quotation if you are considering adding the "Auto-Translation+" option.

If you have any requests, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us from here.

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