Notification of specification changes around July 1, 2023

2023-05-25 01:27:22 UTC 2023-07-05 01:57:58 UTC

Thank you for using Teachme Biz.

Many specification changes will be made around July 1, 2023.
We will provide a summary of the information, including what has been announced separately to date.

*The following is a list of planned specification changes as of June 1, 2023.
  If any additions or changes are made, we will add them as needed along with the revision history.

Specification change summary

Names of settings, etc. may be changed.

All Apps


■ Change

  • Merge "Member" and "Guest" into "General user" (Detail)
  • A contract allows you to register a fixed number of "General user"
  • The number of devices that can be connected at the same time is the same for all "General user"
  • All users can create and edit manuals in folders that join as "Editor" (Detail)
  • "Team" automatic setting migration (Detail)
  • Added features available for plans other than Basic/Enterprise
  • Make joining the "Default" folder optional
  • Changed the initial name of the "Default" folder to "Initial folder" (Customers who are already using it will remain "Default")
  • Send email notifications of comments and good job to manual owners only
  • The owner of the manual remains the owner even after losing editing privileges (Recommended to change the owner in advance)

■ Remove

Web browser version


■ Change

  • "Folder settings" can be checked if you participate as a viewer
  • Change “PDF export” option (Do not permit export / Allow editors / Allow editors and viewers / Allow external (Give permission to outside parties as well))
  • Changed the privilege classification of the report function "Views" (General user / Outside user)
  • Destination of ownership when user is deleted can be selected from all users (Recommend to set folder viewing permission in advance)
  • "General user" can check their own joined folders and teams in the "Personal Settings" section

■ Change(Under consideration) *Updated with final information (2023/06/21)

  • Display "Group" information on the "Group Settings" screen to all users
    Displayed: group ID name, Group display name, Icon, Logo, Group administrator, Group sub-administrator, Contract plan, Usage status
    Hidden for all users except group administrator and group sub-administrator: Users, Teams, Folders, Security
  • General users can see the email addresses and other information of other users joining the same folder, just like the old "Member".

■ Remove

  • Administrator can exclude users from folders in the folder joined list on the user details screen
  • Playback of audio files that have already been registered using the Audio Upload Function provided in the past

Mobile app


■ Change

  • Allows you to edit the manual from the viewing screen (Detail)
  • Automatic "Save draft" when closing the manual editing screen


■ Change

  • The source of manual copy is the data on the server


■ Change

  • The "Create/Edit" tab is now the "Create" tab (Detail)
  • Deleting manuals should be done from the editing screen (Detail)
  • Unsynchronized draft can now be viewed on a list. (Detail)

■ Remove

  • Clipboard editing function (Detail)

2023/06/13(iOS app ver.5.6.0/Android app ver.5.5.0)

Please update to this version by 2023/07/01.
The version is listed in the App Store as "Specifications after July 1 are now supported".

■ Change

  • The display judgment of the "Create" tab corresponds to the specifications for 2023/07/01 and later

2023/07/04(iOS app ver.5.6.2/Android app ver.5.6.0)

■ Remove

  • Create and edit tasks
  • Co-editor settings

Windows desktop app

Any version of the app is acceptable.


■ Remove

  • Icon indicating availability of co-editor


■ Change

  • Previous "Member" and users created after 2023/07/01 can edit all manuals in the folder they have joined as editor
  • Previous "Guest" cannot login even if they get editing privileges after 2023/07/01 (editing is allowed in the Web browser version)

Image of main screens after specification change

All images are images under development.

Online manuals and Help Center will be updated gradually after 2023/07/01.

Web browser version

User invitation screen


User CSV bulk registration screen


User list screen


User's join folder list


Folder creation screen


Folder setting screen (PDF output setting)


Team creation screen


Team's join folder list screen


Mobile app

Please refer to the following.

Changed manual edit/delete method for mobile app | Released on May 23, 2023

Windows desktop app

There are no changes to the screen.

Maintenance notification

We schedule maintenance to deal with specification changes.
Please refer to the following.

Notice of temporary unavailability of service due to system maintenance | Scheduled on 2023/07/01


No. Question Anawer

The user joins a folder as an "Editor" as a user and as a "Viewer" as a team.
What is the user's real permission?

If you are joining as a user and team, the stronger of the two privileges applies.
Therefore, in this example, the "Editor" privilege applies.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the many specification changes and the time and effort required for customers to catch up, link information within their organization, and update the application.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us from here.

Update History

2023/06/13 Release date and app version added for mobile app releases compatible with July 1 and later specifications.
2023/06/20 "Member" and "Guest" have been merged and named "Member", but renamed "General user".
                    Added " FAQ".
                    Updated "Change(Under consideration)" in the Web browser version of the "Specification change summary" to the final information.  
2023/06/21 Corrected part of "Change(Under consideration)" in the Web browser version of the "Specification change summary".
2023/07/04 Updated with the release of iOS ver.5.6.2/Android ver.5.6.0.