Add the comprehension test function! You can also test with the training function | Released on 2023/05/10

2023-04-20 01:24:23 UTC 2023-07-05 02:10:04 UTC

Thank you for using Teachme Biz.
We have released a comprehension test function.



  • You can now add an optional "comprehension test" to your training course.
  • Choose an answer from up to four options. Up to 20 questions can be set.
  • If you pass all comprehension tests, the course will be "Completed".

Release date

Web browser: May 10, 2023
iOS app: June 5, 2023
Android app: July4, 2023

Target Subscription Plan

If you subscribe to the plan that allows you to use the training function, you can use it for free.

- Teachme Biz Service fee
- Basic
- Enterprise

*If you are contracting a plan other than the above, or during a trial before contracting, you can try up to 3 courses and up to 5 users.

Target app

Web browser
iOS app
Android app

App type Release time Create/edit/check progress of tests answers to tests
Web browser May 10, 2023
iOS app(iOS 14-16、iPad OS 14-16) June 5, 2023
Android app (Android 8.0-13) July 4, 2023


What is the comprehension test function?

This is a function that allows you to add 2 to 4 "multiple choice questions" at the end of the training course.
If you pass all the comprehension tests, the course will be "completed".

You can choose whether or not to use the comprehension test for each course.
For courses that are not used, the course will be "completed" by clicking "Complete" on all course manuals as before.

Purpose of adding functions

Since the release of the training function in 2020, many customers have provided the following feedback

 - Trainee: I don't know which part is important
 - Administrator: I don't know how much the trainees understand

In addition, several papers in recent years have reported the test effect of promoting long-term memory by "remembering" the target of the test.

To address these issues, a comprehension test function has been developed to promote understanding and retention of the minimum knowledge required after attending training.

what you can do

* Screenshots are an image under development

(1) [Administrator] Set a test for the course

You can set up to 20 "multiple choice questions" with 2 to 4 choices.
You can also set the explanation to be displayed after answering.

(2)[Trainee] Answer the test

When you have completed all the manuals in the course, the "Take the comprehension test" button will be displayed.

Select one for each question and answer.

If you answer all the questions correctly, the course will be completed.

(3) [Administrator] Confirm progress

You can check the learning status on the course details screen.
Check that the completed course trainee can actually do it and certify that they have learnt it.

Operation manual

Add comprehension test (Web Browser)
Take the comprehension test (Web Browser)
Take the comprehension test (Mobile App)


Q.Are there any plans to add more functions to the comprehension test function?
A. There are no specific release plans at this time.
We plan to consider adding functions for "cheat prevention" and "test improvement PDCA" according to customer feedback and opinions.
If you have any opinions or requests regarding the comprehension test function, please contact us from here.

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Update History

2023/05/10 Change to 'released' and add operating manuals.
2023/06/05 Reflects iOS app release
2023/07/05 Reflects Android app release