[Resolved]Problem where manuals cannot be viewed on the Mobile App (Last updated: 2023/02/15)

2023-02-15 00:50:26 UTC 2023-02-15 09:17:46 UTC


Fixed a problem where the manual could not be viewed with the Mobile App.

Occurrence Time / Status

2023/02/14 16:58 (JST) 〜 2023/02/15 09:55 (JST)
The issue has been resolved, and the service is back to normal.

Impact Range

・Mobile App


Due to a performance improvement release at 2023/02/14 16:58 (JST), the format of some information in the API response regarding manuals was unintentionally changed.
This prevented the Mobile App from displaying manuals that met certain criteria.

■certain criteria
The data was cached on the server side between 2023/02/14 16:58 (JST) and 2023/02/14 21:20 (JST).

■Example of operation where manual data is cached on the server side
*Regardless of the type of application or the user who performed the operation.
・"Publish" or "Update" the manual.
・Task delivery of manuals.
・After a period of nobody viewing the manual, someone does.


To prevent future failures due to similar causes, add a test to ensure that the server-side response does not change.

Update History

2023/02/15 10:14 (JST) Updated to resolved.
2023/02/15 16:57 (JST) Added Occurrence Time, Cause, Countermeasure.