[Resolved]Bug that the app may force close when performing certain operations on Android app. (Last updated: 2022/12/16)

2022-12-15 09:01:02 UTC 2022-12-16 10:32:24 UTC


Under conditions where memory usage by other than the Teachme Biz app was high, performing the following operations on the Teachme Biz app could cause the Teachme Biz app to forcefully terminate.

  1. Viewing manuals in a Slide show.
  2. Go to other manuals or applications other than Teachme Biz.
  3. Return to the Slide show to view the manual again.

Occurrence Time / Status

Occurrence: Android app Version 5.1.5(released on 2022/12/13)

Resolution: Android app Version 5.1.6(released on 2022/12/15)

Impact Range

・Manual viewing function


Please update the application to Version 5.1.6 or later.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please contact us from here.