[Resolved with remaining impact] An issue with some notifications of training functions not being received. (Last updated: 2022/10/14)

2022-10-11 01:34:11 UTC 2022-10-20 07:28:21 UTC


There was an issue with the training function where notifications regarding course due date are not being received.

・When the course due date is approaching
・When the course due date has expired

Occurrence Time / Status

・2022/10/06 around 18:00(JST) ~ 2022/10/11 10:52(JST)

The system is now restored and notifications will be delivered correctly from tomorrow onwards.

Impact Range

・Training function

What should I do if I am affected?

We are afraid that we could not resend the notification that was not delivered.
Check the actions below according to your own privileges.


You can take a course even if it is overdue.
Please check your "My Courses" to see which courses have been distributed to you, and if there is a course that has "Overdue", please take it as soon as possible.

Training administrators or Trainers

If the course due date was set between 2022/10/06(JST) and 2022/10/10(JST), notifications were not sent to trainees who had overdue the due date.

*If the course due date was set to 2022/10/11(JST) or later, notifications were sent to the trainees the day after exceeded.

Please check the status of the distributed course.
 Related: Check training progress (Web Browser)

If a course is overdue during the relevant period and the course has been "Overdue", please consider taking one of the following measures.

・Remind trainees to take the course by e-mail or SNS.
・Extending the due date of the course

Update History

2022/10/14 Updated "What should I do if I am affected?".

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please contact us from here.