Please tell me about access restriction by global IP address (Group IP Restrictions and Folder IP Restrictions)

2021-04-06 06:32:29 UTC 2024-06-04 07:33:17 UTC

Access can be restricted by group or folder using global IP addresses.
*This service may not be available depending on the plan you are subscribed to.

Group IP Restrictions and Folder IP Restrictions

Group IP Restrictions

It is possible to limit your group access by allowing access only from IP addresses that you specify. 

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*By default, group administrator and sub-administrators are not subject to this restriction.
 If you wish to change this, please contact us by email at

Folder IP Restrictions

It is possible to restrict access to folder by IP address.

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*Group administrator and sub-administrators are also subject to this restriction.
 Even if you are Group administrator, folders will not be displayed if you access Teachme Biz using an unauthorized global IP address.

*Specific users or Group administrator cannot be excluded from the restrictions.

Types of IP address that can be registered

Global IPv4 addresses can be registered.
It is possible to register in CIDR.
It is not possible to register a local IP address or an IPv6 address.


If 0 is entered at the end (4th octet), all consecutive 0s from the end are converted to * and stored.

Example of conversion→* (Trailing 0 converted to *)→*. * (Convert trailing consecutive 0's to *)→* (Non-consecutive trailing 0s are not converted)