What is the archive function?

2022-05-11 02:36:49 UTC 2024-03-15 03:36:00 UTC

The Archive function is a function that stores the manual in a place where it cannot normally be viewed.
Archived manuals do not appear in the manual list or in normal search results, so you can organize your manuals.

Target Subscription Plan

All plans

Who can do the archiving?

  • Manual owner joining as an editor in the folder where the manual is saved.
  • Folder administrator/sub-administrator of the folder where the manual is saved
  • Group administrators and sub-administrators joining in the folder where the manual is saved

Operation manual

Immediate archiving and automatic archiving on specified dates are available.

Archive manual (Web Browser)
Schedule an archive date in advance (Web Browser)
Cancel or modify scheduled archive (Web Browser)
Unarchive manual (Web Browser)

Detailed specifications

Only owners of manuals can view archived manuals from the Archive tab.
If folder administrators/sub-administrators and group administrators/sub-administrators participating in the folder want to view archived manuals, please view them from the All (for Administrators) tab.