What are the conditions and precautions during maintenance?

2022-07-06 09:15:39 UTC 2024-03-05 06:14:23 UTC

Service provision during maintenance

During maintenance, all services of Teachme Biz will be temporarily unavailable.
If you access Teachme Biz during maintenance, a screen will appear indicating that it is under maintenance, and you will not be able to view, create, edit, or otherwise configure manuals.
At that time, the scope of publication of the manual (Group-shared folder or Public-shared folder) is not required.

If you have manuals that are expected to be viewed during maintenance, please prepare them in advance, for example, by outputting them as PDF files.

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Precautions for maintenance

Do not perform any operations immediately before maintenance begins

If you use Teachme Biz right before maintenance, there is a possibility that the operation will not be completed or will be completed with a delay after the system maintenance is over.


  • Operations using CSV upload or download
  • Operations related to manual archiving feature
  • User invitation
  • Editing and publishing manuals
  • Task distribution

Do not operate offline from the mobile app during maintenance

For mobile apps, some operations may be performed offline, such as saving drafts of manuals, publishing, and updating.
However, please refrain from performing such operations during maintenance, as there is a risk of data loss due to unexpected logout* or termination of the application.

 *Forced logout will not occur when maintenance starts or ends, but logout will occur if the session expiration date is exceeded or the number of simultaneous connections per account is exceeded.

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