I cannot log in to the Windows desktop app. What should I do?

2021-04-06 06:34:50 UTC 2024-04-04 03:52:44 UTC

If you cannot log in using the Windows desktop application, there are several possible causes.

If the "Login error. The combination of the group name, user name and password is not found." was displayed

Confirm that there are no errors in the information you entered.

  • Correct capitalization
  • No unnecessary blank spaces

If the "Failed to connect to the network" was displayed

Depending on the security settings of your network, you may need to set up a proxy server or similar.

 ▼Internet connecting setting (Windows Desktop App)

If the "This application cannot be used with a guest account" was displayed

Users invited as 'guests' (viewing accounts) before 2023/06/30 are unable to use the Windows desktop application.
Please use the web browser version.

 ▼Web browser version login page

If the "Login error. sso_required" was displayed

There is a possibility that user login is restricted to single sign-on.

Please update Windows Desktop app to the latest version and try to log in using SSO.
*Teachme Biz has a function to restrict access SSO only. If this function is activated users cannot log in using Teachme Biz username and password.

 ▼Update Windows Desktop app (Windows Desktop App)

 ▼Log in with single sign-on (SSO) (Windows Desktop app)

When it does not apply to the above two cases

Please refer to the following manuals and obtain logs and contact support.

 ▼The error is not resolved (Windows Desktop App)

 ▼About customer support