Will public manuals show up on search engine results pages?

2021-05-18 03:37:11 UTC 2024-05-07 09:04:42 UTC

You can choose whether manuals in the public folder will be displayed on search engine results pages.

▼Manage public folder settings (Web Browser)
*By default "Display in search engine" function is disabled.

If you put a checkmark to "Display in search engine" in the public folder "Release settings", all the manuals in the folder and the folder itself will be displayed on search engine results pages.

Once you enable the "Display in search engine" function, the folder and its content becomes the search result display target of the external search engines and will be registered on the search engine side. Later it cannot be removed from the search target even if you remove the checkmark from "Display in search engine".

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.