What is the Portal Pages function?

2023-08-15 07:29:00 UTC 2023-09-19 06:22:01 UTC

With Potal Pages, you can gather all the information that is related to your business on a single page.


  • Easily create and update pages with manuals and Outside Links.
  • Makes it easier for viewers to find the manual.
  • You can also manage links other than Teachme Biz manuals in one place.

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Target Subscription Plan

Basic, Enterprise

You can create up to 50 pages, which is the maximum function limit.

Starter, Teachme Biz Service fee

You can create up to 5 pages.
*This restriction is removed when you subscribe to the "Portal Page+" paid option.

Target App

Web browser: Create, Edit, Delete, Browse
Mobile App(iOS/Android): Browse Only *Version 5.7.0 or higher

Operation manual

Create page (group administrator and sub-administrator)

Create and edit Portal Pages (Web Browser)

Delete a Portal Page (Web Browser)

Unrelease a Portal Page (Web Browser)

Browse pages (all users)

Browse Portal Pages (Web Browser)

Browse Portal Pages (Mobile App)

Portal Pages consist

Portal Pages consist of "Page Overview", "Section", and "Content".


Creation examples

  • Retail Sales

   Page: Store Operations
   Section: Store opening preparation, Cash register operations, Shift and attendance
   Content: Related Manuals

  • Restaurant

   Page: Seasonal Recipes
   Section: Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert
   Content: Related Manuals

  • Administration Dept.

   Page: Life Events
   Section: Moving, Marriage/Divorce, Childbirth/Childcare
   Content: Related manuals, Document URLs, Submission system URLs

Detailed Specifications / Notes

  • The same manual can be set up on multiple pages.
  • It is not possible to restrict access to pages to specific users.
  • You must have manual view privileges to see the manuals that have been added to the page.
  • In the future, we plan to add a QR code output function to Potal Pages so that they can be read by mobile devices.
  • The page is for group sharing only.