What can you tell me about "unsynced" Mobile App?

2022-11-02 05:44:24 UTC 2023-12-07 03:36:18 UTC

What is "unsynced"?

The Mobile App does not constantly synchronize local data with data on the server.
Therefore, depending on the operation, the local data and the data on the server may not match.
This state is called "unsynced".

About the red marker on the "Create" tab

If there is unsynchronized data, a red marker will appear on the "Create" tab.
For information about what to do when the red marker is displayed, see the How to get rid of "unsynced" section below.


How to get rid of "unsynced"

When you want to reflect data on the Mobile App to the server.

  1. Tap the "Create" tab with the red marker displayed.

  2. Tap "SYNC DRAFTS" while connected to the Internet.

    *If you select "CREATE MANUAL", you can create a new manual without resolving the unsynchronized status.

  3. On "Unsynced drafts" screen, tap the manual you want to upload to the server.


  4. On the manual editing screen, click "Save draft" or "Publish (Update)" to reflect the data on the server.

        ▼Create and edit manual (iOS version)

        ▼Create and edit manual (Android version)

When you want to reflect data on the server to the Mobile App.

Clear the data on the device.
・Cache data of acquired bookmarks will be discarded.
・Any manual data that has not been uploaded will be discarded.

▼Clear device local data (Mobile app)