What are the conditions under which characters are counted?

2022-09-07 05:47:30 UTC 2022-10-03 01:41:24 UTC

A full-width character is counted as one character.

Half-size characters such as alphanumeric characters except for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean are counted as 0.5 characters in principle.



・The "0.5" is omitted from the display on the screen that counts the number of characters entered (number of characters entered / upper limit).
 For example, if 1.5 characters are entered, the number of characters entered will be displayed as "2".

・For some languages, such as Thai, that use tone markers or combinations of vowels and consonants, "1" to "1.5" may be counted even if it is a half-width character.
 Example: "ที่" = 1.5 characters (tone markers + vowels + consonants)
 *In Vietnamese, a single character with a tone marker is counted as "0.5".

・In some screens, such as comments, messages in task functions, and revision history, half-width characters and tone marks are also counted as "1".

・Line breaks are counted as "0.5".
 *In Windows desktop app, they are counted as "1".